Published: Fri, September 06, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

NJ officials investigate 15 cases of possible vaping illnesses

NJ officials investigate 15 cases of possible vaping illnesses

A person in OR has died after vaping in what appears to be the second such death nationwide. The cause of the illnesses, and whether or not they're related to a specific brand or chemical in e-cigarettes being smoked, is still being investigated.

No cause for the mystery illness has so far been identified - and the link to THC products is not yet clear.

The Oregon patient, whose age and gender wasn't revealed, reportedly had similar symptoms to other reported cases of vaping-related illnesses.

State health officials issued a health alert August 27 for lung injuries associated with vaping, with numerous issues involving use of vaping cannabis compounds.

A new report claims that FDA officials recently disclosed the discovery of a vaping ingredient that may be responsible for numerous vaping lung disease cases reported around the country.

Health officials say it's unclear whether there's a connection between cases, whether vaping definitively caused these illnesses and what components or chemicals of e-cigarettes might be responsible.

"We are aware of the discovery of vitamin E oil as a common ingredient in some of the samples that were tested from cases of this illness in other states".

At least two people have previously died in the U.S. after their e-cigarette exploded in their face.

Anyone who vapes who is experiencing shortness of breath, chest pain, cough, nausea, vomiting, fever, and weight loss should talk to a healthcare provider, officials say. Two deaths are also being investigated.

One source speaking to WaPo claimed that FDA officials didn't find anything unusual in nicotine liquid samples collected from patients.

"We knew from earlier testing by NY that they had found vitamin E acetate, but to have FDA talk about it from their overall testing plan, that was the most remarkable thing that we heard", said one official who took part in the briefing who was not authorised to speak publicly.

That's a critical distinction in the OR case, according to the American Vaping Association, which has blamed the recent spate of lung illnesses on illegal vape pens that contain THC.

He urged people who "are using vaping products or have used them in the past, [to] just monitor yourself carefully".

The person was said to have fallen ill after trying a product bought at a dispensary for recreational cannabis.

Dr King said it was possible "we weren't necessarily capturing them, but now there's increased diligence in terms of the current investigation that we're better able to". The FDA is probing 127 reports it's received of vaping associated with seizures, an inquiry the agency started after receiving reports from a young adult and the parents of two teens who used devices they said were sold by Juul Labs Inc.

The health authority has sent out an alert to clinicians, hospitals and tribal authorities, asking them to report any cases of people who've vaped within the last three months and have had to be hospitalized.

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