Published: Wed, September 11, 2019
Medical | By Mark Scott

Health Officials: 'Stop Vaping' After Possibly Related Deaths

Health Officials: 'Stop Vaping' After Possibly Related Deaths

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Letter to OH school districts encouraging them to prohibit the use of vaping products in school policies, and to warn school administrators, teachers, parents and students about the dangers of vaping and where to get free help to quit.

Staff from health agencies, including the US Food and Drug Administration, said they ha not linked the illnesses to any specific e-cigarette product or any particular substance in the e-cigarettes.

Constantino said many people who vape have been "on pins and needles" watching to see the results of the investigation, and she is concerned that the reports of a link to vaping THC may give people an excuse to ignore the warnings.

Kansas health officials don't have detailed information on what types of products were used by the person who died.

Kahn said the health minister would consult with experts in "informal roundtables" on vaping in the coming weeks. An alarming trend has prompted Ohio Department of Health officials to speak out; and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to update their recommendations.

On Friday, officials in Indiana, California and Minnesota reported deaths in their states linked to vaping. Five deaths have been confirmed. Three of the patients are believed to be directly related to vaping, while three others remain under investigation. "Because consumers can not be sure whether any THC vaping products may contain Vitamin E acetate, consumers are urged to avoid buying vaping products on the street, and to refrain from using THC oil or modifying/adding any substances to products purchased in stores", the Food and Drug Administration said in a statement. The ministry says, "Apart from nicotine, E-cigarettes contain additional harmful substances, among them substances that can adversely affect the respiratory system and substances which are considered carcinogenic, meaning have the potential to cause cancer".

"We are seeing so many people sick with severe lung injury from vaping that the best message is just to stop", Choi said.

Symptoms among the reported cases included shortness of breath, fever, cough and vomiting. The agency also says that e-cigarette products should never be used by youth, young adults, pregnant women, or adults who do not now use tobacco products.

"We have never marketed to youth, do not sell flavors like cotton candy or bubble gum", Finan said in an email.

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