Published: Fri, September 13, 2019
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Arizona murder suspects caught after escaping transport from Upstate NY

Arizona murder suspects caught after escaping transport from Upstate NY

The married murder suspects who escaped from a prison van last month have been recaptured after more than two weeks on the lam, reports CBS Tucson, Arizona affiliate KOLD-TV.

Blane Barksdale and his wife Susan, both wanted for murder, escaped custody last month by overpowering a transport team that was taking them from upstate NY to Pima County, Arizona.

Blane Barksdale then stepped outside and initially responded to commands before becoming "verbally abusive to the officers, flipping them the bird, not responding to their commands, and deputy marshals at the scene had to use a Taser and what we call a bean bag round in the leg to take him down", Gonzales said.

Blane Barksdale is described by authorities as being 6 feet 5 inches in height, weighing 260 pounds, with "large tattoos covering both forearms, arms, shoulders, and torso of swastikas, warlocks, lightning bolts-all associated with white supremacy groups".

The Marshalls Service said Blane Barksdale had an extensive criminal record. They came out after officers surrounded the home, but Blane Barksdale was uncooperative and had to be tazed and shot with beanbags, the U.S. Marshalls Service revealed during a Thursday press conference.

It was not clear early Thursday what additional charges the duo might face.

The Barksdales are suspected of killing a man named Frank Bligh in Tucson, Ariz. His house was set on fire and his vehicle was stolen in April. Blane Barksdale, who had been put on the marshal's 15 Most Wanted list, emerged defiant 10 minutes later. "It was compelling enough that they felt the need to pull over", he said.

Assistant Chief Deputy Marshall Van Bayless says once Blane Barksdale calmed down and accepted he was in custody to stay he had some nearly friendly advice.

The couple then took off with the little money the guards had in their wallets, and then left behind the guards, who tied up in the back, as well as another prisoner.

After several hours, the trio managed to break free.

The Barksdales were being extradited from upstate NY, where they were arrested in May.

Of course, the outlaws were long gone.

The Barksdales were located following what Gonzales on Monday said was a change in the direction of the investigation from a "rapid manpower search to an intense fugitive search".

Detectives believe the couple was likely getting help to stay hidden and could have been hiding east of Snowflake.

On Wednesday night, the Barksdales were found in Tonto Basin, about 115 miles southeast of Snowflake.

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