Published: Tue, September 17, 2019
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Netflix nabs streaming rights to Seinfeld

Netflix nabs streaming rights to Seinfeld

Millennials and Technology Z have given these traditional sitcoms new life through streaming platforms, however elemental storytelling hooks nonetheless show highly effective. He's also unofficially helped develop shows for the Network including collaborations with Brian Regan and Colin Quinn, and his 2002 documentary, Comedian, is finally digitally available through- of course- Netflix.

The "Seinfeld" rights acquisition is something of a coup: Majors including NBC, HBO, NBC and CBS reportedly vied for them for their own streaming services. Its masterful writing, the depth of each character, and the fact that one just can't stop laughing at the jokes no matter how many times one sees it make this show a pure genius.

According to The Los Angeles Times, which first reported the news, Netflix is believed to have paid more than the $500m that NBCUniversal is expected to have shelled out to pick up The Office from producers Universal Television.

The move comes after Netflix lost the rights to two other mega-hits that aired on NBC, "The Office" and "Friends". In this process, Netflix defeated all these streaming services to get the digital rights of the show.

"Seinfeld is the television comedy show that every television comedy is measured against", Ted Sarandos, Netflix's chief content officer, said in a statement. "It's as contemporary and humorous as ever and shall be out there to the world in 4K for the primary time".

What Seinfeld TV Show is All About?

Even in the decades since the show ended its run, viewers have continued to find it sponge-worthy.

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Roughly 72% of Netflix's watched minutes is dedicated to library programming, or reruns, in keeping with Nielsen information supplied to The Wall Road Journal. Do let me know your views in the comments section given below.

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