Published: Thu, October 03, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

Huawei Mate 30 Cut Off From Google Apps

Huawei Mate 30 Cut Off From Google Apps

Even if one had already downloaded LZ Play on the Mate 30 Pro before the website went offline, the app no longer works.

It also doesn't come with the Google Play Store, the main way users outside China can access Android apps.

Effectively, the change makes sure that the USA ban on Google services for the Mate 30 Pro is ironclad - and numerous users outside of China who might have obtained or imported the device will now have only the bare Android-based Huawei user experience.

While things might seem bleak for the Chinese tech giant's newest flagship, we wouldn't descend into full-blown panic mode either - we're fairly confident that an LZPlay replacement will show up sooner than later, and hopefully that'll happen before Huawei decides to release the Mate 30 in Singapore.

LZPlay used an undocumented "backdoor" in Huawei's mobile device management software to install Google software, a security researcher wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.

Google digitally "signs" these stubs with a secret code so that they will not be used to install counterfeit or malicious clones of Google apps.

Hours after Wu reported his findings, LZPlay vanished, 9 to 5 Google reports.

But this week sees the Mate 30 Pro fail SafetyNet, and only Google is able to make that kind of change.

It seems then that unless the U.S. removes its ban on Huawei's access to the country's products and services, the Huawei Mate 30 range - and likely any future handsets - will have no access to much of what makes Android good, even for those who have the technical know-how to use workarounds.

Losing access to Google's mobile apps will make it harder for Huawei to battle Samsung for top spot in the mobile phone market, because it will be less attractive to wireless carriers, said Jean Baptiste Su, principal analyst at Atherton Research.

It meant that anyone buying the new phones wouldn't have access to Google's Play Store or apps like Gmail, YouTube, and Google search.

"Huawei's latest Mate 30 series is not pre-installed with GMS, and Huawei has had no involvement with", she said. And Google no longer certifies Mate 30 devices as "safe" in its SafetyNet system, which protects users and apps from security threats.

The Mate 30, powered by Huawei's new Kirin 990 advanced chipset, sports a four-camera system and screen that curves almost 90 degrees around its long edges, for a borderless effect.

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