Published: Thu, October 03, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Twitter outage takes down Tweetdeck, affects images and DMs

Twitter outage takes down Tweetdeck, affects images and DMs

But it has also come in for criticism, with its CEO Jack Dorsey admitting to USA lawmakers a year ago that Twitter had been "unprepared and ill-equipped" for the vast campaigns of manipulation that affected social media.

During the outage, Tweetdeck redirected users to the standard Twitter screen.

It is now unclear when the problems affecting Twitter will be fixed. I've personally had images disappear from scheduled tweets and my feed has videos missing.

Users can manage also Twitter accounts, build tweet collections and schedule future tweets.

If you are facing problem tweeting, receiving DMs and notifications, well, don't vent it out on Twitter as yet as Twitter is facing some issues and will be back soon.

According to Downdetector, USA, most of Europe, India, Japan, Australia, and New Zeland have been facing issues with the microblogging website.

Twitter said it is suffering outages on its platform which are particularly affecting TweetDeck users. An outage map from the website showed the United Kingdom and Western and Southern Europe particularly badly affected, as well as the West Coast of the USA and Japan.

TweetDeck is a dashboard management application that is often used by social media teams of content-based organisations to tweet from multiple accounts. "We are working on the problem and should return to normal as soon as possible".

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