Published: Fri, October 04, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

United States to get along with Russian Federation despite domestic political struggle in Washington

United States to get along with Russian Federation despite domestic political struggle in Washington

At Wednesday's event, Putin joked about USA accusations that he would try to interfere in next year's presidential elections.

"I learned from multiple USA officials that senior White House officials had intervened to "lock down" all records of the phone call, especially the official word-for-word transcript of the call that was produced", he had written.

But Thunberg hasn't taken the criticism lying down and has said she believes the fact leaders are making light of the situation, adding that politicians poking fun at children showed that her message had become "too loud to handle". The California legislator has suggested he would seek transcripts of Trump's conversations with Putin as he did those with Zelensky.

"[U.S. President Donald] Trump, requested from his [Ukrainian] counterpart to investigate a corruption".

On September 27, the White House scrambled to "lock down" records of Trump's phone call pressing for Ukraine's interference in next year's U.S. election, an incendiary whistleblower complaint alleged, in the latest episode of an intensifying impeachment drama.

A report by US Attorney General William Burr published on March 24 has confirmed that there was no collusion between Moscow and the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

"They began with this impeachment proceeding. Nixon's team was wiretapping, listening to their rivals", Putin said. Some anonymous special service staffer leaked this information. "After all, we members must know who is the Savior we should worship and pay homage to".

The White House did not respond to PEOPLE's request for comment about Trump's continued attacks on Thunberg. Last month, she sailed from Europe to the United States on a zero-emission yacht. "We are in favor of creating, including in Asia, a system of equal and indivisible security based on broad collective work", Putin said. And we will get along with Russian Federation, because it's smart. "But so far, no one has offered such evidence".

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