Published: Thu, October 10, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Donald Trump Trolls Joe Biden on Corruption During His ‘Impeach’ Speech

Donald Trump Trolls Joe Biden on Corruption During His ‘Impeach’ Speech

Trump was quick to reply to Biden's impeachment call.

In a letter to Biden's campaign, Facebook said it would deny the request to have the ad taken down, adding that its decision was "grounded in Facebook's fundamental belief in free expression, respect for the democratic process, and the belief that, in mature democracies with a free press, political speech is already arguably the most scrutinized speech there is", the Times reports.

One week after President Donald Trump stood on the White House lawn and asked China to investigate his top political opponent, Joe Biden, China is responding.

Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden has for the first time called for Donald Trump to be impeached.

The speech comes as Biden's campaign continues internal deliberations over the best way to handle Trump's broadsides and an impeachment inquiry that could last months - and potentially never result in the Republican-led Senate removing Trump from office even if the Democratic-led House impeaches him.

But we have to remember that impeachment isn't only about what the president has done. "He's not just testing us". He believes he can and will get away with anything he does.

In a phone call on 25 July, Mr Trump asked the newly elected Volodymyr Zelensky to scrutinise the former USA vice-president, who is a leading Democratic contender for next year's White House election. "And we can not let him get away with it".

Since the disclosure of Trump's Ukrainian telephone call, the president has publicly suggested China should investigate Hunter Biden's business dealings there, comments that Biden noted came with Trump "standing in front of reporters and cameras like I am at this moment".

Trump and his allies claim Biden wanted Shokin out of the way because he was looking into Burisma Holdings, the company that employed Hunter.

In a statement Wednesday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said that Trump had "betrayed our nation". And the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, along with several congressional Republicans, shared the Obama administration's view of Shokin as corrupt. While Biden has led Trump in virtually every head-to-head match-up this year, his advantage over Trump has declined in at least one recent national poll.

Biden, whom Trump has accused of "corruption" and demeaned as "Sleepy Joe", then said that what Trump could do if left in office was concerning.

Another adviser with the Biden campaign noted that non-stop coverage on cable networks has only given Biden loads of earned media attention while other competitors are either shut out from coverage or they're trying to get a piece of the story by taking a stronger stance on impeachment or in defense of Biden.

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