Published: Thu, October 10, 2019
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Nick Jonas Is Joining ‘The Voice’ As A Coach

Nick Jonas Is Joining ‘The Voice’ As A Coach

News exclusively to discuss their journey."We just got out there and played and I think it's something that we try to tell a lot of young artists when they ask us for advice". All four coaches turned their chairs around for Khalea, and the coaches even gave her a standing ovation.

Damali, a 16-year-old from Norwalk, CA, took the stage with "Ocean Eyes", and at the last second, Kelly pressed her button and snagged the artist for her team.

"It's interesting how they fight because there's so much love there". She isn't leaving for that reason alone, though. I pushed [my button] first.

On Monday's episode of "The Voice", Stefani and Shelton went head-to-head over several singers, with Stefani egging her boyfriend on with a "You want to fight, Blakey?" Just cross-reference her Instagram feed with that of country music superstar Blake Shelton-her sparring partner on The Voice and main squeeze-and you'll see the happy, red-carpet-to-Oklahoma-ranch hopping they do as America's favorite opposites-attract couple.

Though Stefani said she "always [feels] better" when she's in a routine, she admitted, "I sometimes hate it".

News of the pair's new home comes less than a week after the stars celebrated the "Just a Girl" musician's 50th birthday on October 3.

"If there's an opportunity to steal you, I will steal you", Gwen noted. Gwen said most songs she had written were about pain and heartbreak before meeting Blake.

Stefani explained that she grew up in a very traditional household. In a latest interview with Form Journal, she referred to as Blake her greatest good friend and she or he's referred to as him that on social media as nicely. Gwen was amazed at how well the teen connected with the song, as well as her command the stage.

Jo James, 31, from Austin, Texas is singing, "It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over".

This singer from Newark, New Jersey was eager to perform for the coaches as he revealed his backstory in which music was his personal escape. Khalea earned chair spins from John, Kelly, Blake and Gwen giving her the ability to pick from anyone she wanted. As for Gwen, she's now suffering from FOMOOS-Fear of Missing Out On Singers-and is already planning on stealing Damali.

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