Published: Fri, October 11, 2019
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Fitness Facts: Breast cancer awareness

Fitness Facts: Breast cancer awareness

Each year, Affiliates contribute at least 25 percent of local funds raised to research, while the remainder of their funds help provide vital education and real-time support to people facing breast cancer today in their communities.

As a trusted partner to healthcare providers globally, we are excited to partner with NCCP and Nyeri County to provide the women of Nyeri County access to world-class mammography solutions that have a positive impact on early breast cancer detection.

Rawalpindi Medical College Vice chancellor Professor Dr Muhammad Umar Wednesday said that there was need to educate women about self-examination because breast cancer did not affect only woman but the whole family bears consequences in terms of social and financial impacts.

"This is dedicated to my mom, my aunts & women everywhere affected by Breast Cancer". She was told 33% of her type of cancer returns without the treatment so she traveled to a nearby hospital for the procedure five mornings a week until mid-August. Therefore, early detection is needed for these diseases.

Based on diagnostic test type, the global breast cancer screening tests market can be segmented into blood marker tests, imaging test, genetic test, and immunohistochemistry test. Imaging test is the most commonly used test for the screening of breast cancer.

Many women lose lives to breast cancer due to lack of awareness about the disease, said First Lady Begum Samina Alvi on Wednesday. "By wearing my pink jacket every day, I am not only raising money for the American Cancer Society but also initiating the conversation on how we might research, treat and one day eradicate cancer entirely". In terms of modifiable risk, maintaining a healthy weight as well as being physically active can lower risk of breast cancer and other health problems in women.

McMullen points-out a variety of initiatives throughout the year that Emergency Services gets behind.

Whether it be a mother, a sister, or a friend who has been diagnosed.

But do you know what to look for, the signs (some silent) and the ways to prevent it? They went to radiation appointments, brought meals, called, texted, sent cards and basically carried her through the ordeal. Studies have found that employers who offer paid time off for cancer screening have a healthier workforce because staff are encouraged to make regular visits to primary care physicians and get routine cancer screenings.

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