Published: Fri, October 11, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

Here's how to enable dark mode on Instagram

Here's how to enable dark mode on Instagram

Other than a difference in look, dark mode on apps will also save battery on phones with OLED screens. Now Instagram has joined the dark forces - albeit only for phones running iOS 13 and Android 10.

Sadly, there isn't a easy toggle inside the app to show Darkish Mode on and off.

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri tweeted about the update Tuesday.

It's no secret that dark modes and night modes have become wildly popular among iPhone and Android users. So some older devices won't have access to it if they haven't been updated. That suggests it has to meet your iPhone's system-wide settings, which is moderately approved right now as most iOS app makers are appending dark mode support for the first time.

Annoyingly, iOS's Dark Mode is all-or-nothing.

To set a schedule, if you feel like using both, go to your iPhone settings.

Instagram's creepiest feature, the Following tab in the Activity feed, is going away this week and it won't be missed. It was additionally helpful for monitoring celebs and seeing their exercise on the app.

The tab was quietly taken down in August, but Instagram has now officially confirmed its departure.

Of course, another way to get rid of the bright-looking Instagram is not to use the social media network ever again.

Although, not everyone was happy with Instagram removing it.

Now, as for the "Following" tab removal, Instagram claims the feature was in any case not used much and where it found use also there were complaints of stalking etc.

To help prevent phishing email attacks on users, Instagram added a new way to verify if an email sent to you really is from an official Instagram address. When it launches, you might need to enable it, so here's a small guide for you! You will see the "Appearance" option there. Nobody else will be able to view the comment, except for the bully who posted it.

You received't obtain any notifications from these restricted accounts, and any messages from the consumer will stay in Message Requests.

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