Published: Sat, October 12, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Trump taunts Hillary Clinton, says she should enter 2020 race

Trump taunts Hillary Clinton, says she should enter 2020 race

"But, just seriously, I don't understand, I don't think anybody understands what motivates him, other than personal grievance, other than seeking adulation", Clinton stated about Trump's tweet, during which the president.

President Trump also slammed Romney on Saturday after the senator criticized Trump over the president's request for foreign investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden. "They could vote very easily, even though many of them don't believe they should do it", Trump told reporters.

Only once - after one constituent suggested that Trump "can't trust the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Central Intelligence Agency right now" - did Slotkin flash impatience: "I know exactly what those people are doing, risking their life every day alongside our military".

The U.S. Constitution allows for presidents to be tried and removed if found guilty, but the impeachment process has never resulted in the removal of a U.S. president from office. "It's clear there is no quid pro quo that the Democrats were desperately praying for". "In 1973, McConnell, then a budding Kentucky politician, called the Watergate affair "totally repugnant" and denounced the conduct of President Richard Nixon and some in his administration, as documented by McConnell biographer John David Dyche".

It's a take-off-the-gloves Saturday for President Donald Trump.

The moderate freshman Democrat, reluctant to embrace her party's leaning toward impeachment proceedings, changed her stance to support an inquiry after teaming with six others to pen an op-ed in The Washington Post. "But to jump to conclusion and say (Trump) needs to be impeached, what he's done is treasonous, is to say we're not going to go through the very process that the founding fathers laid out", said Sanford, who represented SC.

Could impeachment inquiry help Trump? It seems nearly impossible for 67 Senators in the Senate to convict Trump.

And the reason I don't buy it is that the founders put impeachment into the Constitution for a objective. And Trump's former top North Atlantic Treaty Organisation envoy said it was "a big mistake" that would threaten the lives of Kurdish fighters who had fought for years alongside American troops against the Islamic State group. After the house passes articles of impeachment against a president, the Senate must vote by a two-thirds majority to remove the president from office.

LaHood said impeachment is an inherently political decision.

Trump will undoubtedly try to use the impeachment inquiry to his advantage, enhancing the sense of victimization his base feels, in efforts to re-mobilize the conservative Republican supporters from the 2016 election.

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