Published: Sun, October 13, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

New Orleans hotel under construction suffers partial collapse, at least one killed

New Orleans hotel under construction suffers partial collapse, at least one killed

Three people are reportedly still missing and are going to be searched for using drones and dogs. They have been transported to local hospitals, and their condition is stable now.

The city of New Orleans said the frame of the building is considered stable but is unsupported, therefore the situation is considered unsafe and mandatory evacuations have been issued. At least one person has been killed, according to Scripps station KATC in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The building is on the corner of Iberville and North Rampart streets. Another video on social media was taken by someone aboard one of the city's famous streetcars as it approached the site while the building was collapsing.

Firefighters evacuated construction workers inside the hotel after the "upper six to eight" floors collapsed, McConnell said.

Authorities say 18 people were injured.

Emergency workers in New Orleans are preparing to enter a partially collapsed building at the edge of the French Quart in hopes of finding two people missing since part of the building came crashing down at mid-morning.

It was not immediately clear what caused the collapse. One swayed precariously after the building collapsed, and bits and pieces of debris continued to fall to the ground below.

The New Orleans fire department received reports at 9.12am local time that the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown New Orleans had collapsed. One person who was injured refused medical treatment.

He witnessed the collapse from a Tulane School of Public Health classroom in a nearby building.

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