Published: Tue, October 22, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Brexit deal 'busts' United Kingdom out of backstop - Johnson

Brexit deal 'busts' United Kingdom out of backstop - Johnson

This is a historic vote with a very uncertain outcome: the British Parliament meets on Saturday to decide on the Brexit agreement between London and Brussels, just 12 days before the planned exit from the European Union. The result means that by law, Mr. Johnson must seek a three-month extension to the October 31 deadline for Britain to leave the EU. That would automatically trigger the Benn Act, which says the prime minister must ask the European Union for an extension if he hasn't finalized a deal with both the European Union and U.K. Parliament by October 19.

Ruling Conservative party rebels, allies and the opposition joined hands again on Saturday to pass an amendment in the House of Commons that forces Prime Minister Boris Johnson to seek a delay to Brexit beyond October 31, a situation he has often rejected.

The MP subsequently put forward an amendment that, if selected by Speaker John Bercow and approved by MPs, would withhold approval of the deal unless and until implementing legislation has passed.

Johnson has repeatedly said Brexit will happen by the end of the month with or without a deal. He indicated that he will abide by the law and formally ask for the delay but added: "I will not negotiate a delay with the EU". Parliament rejected her deal three times, by margins of between 58 and 230 votes, earlier this year.

"The reality is that when MPs vote they will still be voting on a sell out Tory deal that provides no guarantees on these fundamental rights and would lead to a race-to-the-bottom on conditions for workers across the country and would worsen the climate crisis", she said.

If he wins the vote, Johnson will have successfully fulfilled his campaign pledge to deliver Brexit to the British people.

The shadow Cabinet member was dismissive of suggestions a vote on a second referendum could take place on Saturday and said MPs should focus on defeating the deal.

The European Commission said Britain must now inform the EU executive of its next steps as soon as possible. The motion has been tabled to ensure that all the United Kingdom legislation is passed before the new Brexit deal can be voted through, in order to prevent a default no-deal crash-out on October 31 due to the necessary legal status of the new deal not being in place in time.

Britain's Finance Ministry and nearly all external economists have forecast that increased trade barriers will cause the British economy to grow more slowly than if it were to stay in the European Union, and the damage increases as trade barriers rise. Deadlines for our departure have come and gone ...

While parliamentarians debated the fate of the agreement, tens of thousands of people packed the streets in front of Westminster to call for a referendum on the Brexit deal.

The EU has always said that delays are only granted if there is something concrete that could break the UK's domestic deadlock.

That may not be enough to dissuade several Labour MPs who represent ridings in northern England, where Brexit is popular.

I consider that it should be left to parliament to proceed in relation to the draft withdrawal agreement in the manner and according to the procedures that parliament considers most appropriate.

Last time, two ex-Labour, one Northern Irish unionist and one former Liberal Democrat independent voted for the deal.

"I want us to finish this off and speak about the future", French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday.

After months of tortured negotiations, Prime Minister Boris Johnson did what few thought he could (or even wanted) to do, and negotiated a Brexit deal.

Aside from key changes in how Northern Ireland is treated, there appears to be little difference from May's failed deal, but Johnson will be banking that lawmakers, exhausted of the Brexit deadlock, will switch to support his withdrawal deal.

"This deal is not good for jobs, damaging for industry and a threat to our environment and natural world", he said.

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