Published: Tue, October 22, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

Samsung to Release Patch for Galaxy Fingerprint Flaw This Week

Samsung to Release Patch for Galaxy Fingerprint Flaw This Week

According to the company, the material of construction of these screen protectors, silicone acts in a way of recognizing the 3-dimensional patters as fingerprints.

The company warned users that those fingerprint scanners are letting pretty much anyone unlock your device with non-official accessories.

Samsung told Reuters (by means of Engadget) that it's revealing a software patch after it developed that a Galaxy S10 blemish enabled any unique mark to unlock the device. Till the update is installed, users have been advised not to fix any screen protector.

Samsung has informed users that they are aware of the issue and working on releasing the patch as soon as possible.

Samsung's client service application purportedly noticed that the examples of some outsider screen defenders can be perceived by the Galaxy S10's ultrasonic unique mark scanner.

Samsung is having serious issues with fingerprint scanners on the Galaxy S10 / Note 10 series devices.

In a statement, Samsung encouraged S10 and Note 10 owners to remove any covers that can trick the sensor to restore their phone's security. After that, you should register new ones.

The unfortunate thing for Samsung is that ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensors like the one in Galaxy S10 are generally regarded as being more accurate and secure than optical in-display fingerprint sensors like the ones used in the OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7T.

Samsung Electronics will release a fix for the fingerprint recognition flaw of its devices this week.

Samsung has acknowledged the issue and issued a press release advising users with screen protectors to disable and erase their now registered fingerprints on their device. Nobody can access your phone remotely due to this issue, or anything of the sort.

"A software update is planned to be released as early as next week, and once updated, please be sure to scan your fingerprint in its entirety, so that all portions of your fingerprint, including the centre and corners have been fully scanned".

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