Published: Mon, November 04, 2019
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Heidi Klum dons her most terrifying costume yet at annual Halloween party

Heidi Klum dons her most terrifying costume yet at annual Halloween party

America's Got Talent judge has broken the internet with her creepiest costume ever.

Heidi Klum attends her Halloween party at Cathedrale on Thursday, Oct. 31, 2019, in NY.

In the 20 years that Heidi Klum has hosted her annual Halloween party, the infamous "queen of Halloween" has always kept spectators guessing what outlandish costume she's going to wear.

Adorned in prosthetics, metal plates, dripping intestines and exposed rubber breasts, the mechanized, bloodstained alien look was no easy feat to accomplish.

The German model is known for taking things up a notch on the spookiest of days with elaborate costumes that often take an entire team hours to create.

She goes to great lengths - prosthetics, body makeup, and even enlisting the help of five lookalike versions of herself for 2016's "Heidis" costume - to make sure her costumes are a cut above the rest.

"On the 34th Street store of Amazon, I'm gonna be sitting in the window and people can just come by all day long and just watch the process if they're interested in seeing something like that".

Her husband Tom Kaulitz also got into the spirit, dressed as an astronaut covered in blood. She also donned an Ariel look (above)!

At around 11pm EST, Heidi posted the below video on her Instagram account.

That's a lot of effort for one party - maybe next year she'll opt to go as a sexy kitty cat.

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