Published: Tue, November 05, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

Adobe Photoshop comes to iPad, Illustrator soon

Adobe Photoshop comes to iPad, Illustrator soon

There is also some dot points listing what features Adobe are now working on.

Adobe says that the interface has been created to be as near to the desktop apps as possible, but modified for an environment where Pencil and touch are how you interact rather than keyboard and mouse (or keyboard, mouse, stylus and/or touch). There's enough here to begin to give other apps like Pixelmator and Affinity Photo a run for their money - and this is especially true for those who want to do better round-tripping with Photoshop for Mac or Windows, as the PSD files are 100 percent compatible between all versions.

Design app Illustrator will come to the iPad in 2020, the San Jose, California-based company said Monday in a statement.

Work with your Layer stack and Toolbar tools just like you do on your desktop.

For photographers the most significant announcement is likely to be the upcoming Adobe Photoshop Camera, a new mobile app that brings Photoshop directly to the point of capture.

Adobe has announced Photoshop Camera, an AI-powered smartphone app created to help you take and edit photos on the go.

"We're excited to push the frontiers of creativity to make everyone more productive and express their creative vision", says Adobe Creative Cloud chief product officer and executive vice president Scott Belsky.

The app will be available in private beta.

This first version focuses on core compositing and retouching tools created to work best on the iPad with Apple Pencil and touch.

Adobe Photoshop for iPad is finally here, and you can download it in the United Kingdom and USA here.

Interestingly, the new app has a community-requested feature that isn't present in the desktop version, which allows you to create mirrored shapes and have subsequent edits reflect on the other side. The company introduced the new offerings at its annual creative conference, called Max, in Los Angeles.

Adobe's Photoshop Camera is a new mobile application aimed at end users. Users will need to upgrade their devices to iPadOS 13.1 to use the app. This could be one of the most useful Photoshop features ever, allowing artists to remove unwanted objects in shots without (or with less) painful tracing.

Adobe also updated the Creative Cloud Desktop app to make it easier to access its services including Adobe Fonts, Adobe Stock and Behance, and the Creative Cloud Libraries.

Adobe has just released major updates to Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Lightroom.

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