Published: Tue, November 05, 2019
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Death Stranding is a Response to Brexit and the Border Wall

Death Stranding is a Response to Brexit and the Border Wall

For now, Kojima's new game "Death Stranding" seems to be the prime focus though, as the game gets closer to its release date on November 8 for the Playstation 4. The PC version of the game, announced just a few days ago, will make its debut only during the summer of 2020 and more port details have not yet been announced, except that it will be published by 505 Games.

The update simply cites "problems fixed" and "balance adjustments", along with improving the quality of translations with the game.

The game director went on to explain that he created a deliberate feeling of isolation with Death Stranding's desolate landscape, in order to create a feeling of loneliness.

Save data created in version 1.03 can not be used with earlier versions. Metal Gear Solid was, of course, not a takedown of American cold-war era (and beyond) politics.

Kojima further elaborated on how much the landscape has changed for entertainment with online streaming services. "If a person can do one thing well, then they should be able to do anything well". Since the original Metal Gear, and progressing to Death Stranding, we've seen long cinematics in the games that could easily be turned into movies.

"In the future, Kojima Productions will start making films", Kojima said.

"President Trump right now is building a wall", Kojima said.

We're sure critics will have a field day with one of Kojima's future films since the man has made games that manage to be subtle and pretentious all at once.

He added: "After spending dozens of hours in the game you will come back to reality in the end". Though divisive in terms of critic and user opinions, Death Stranding appears to have been a resounding success for Kojima & co., despite its somewhat weird story and vague pre-launch descriptions. "It's all about making people think about the meaning of connection".

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