Published: Tue, November 05, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

Microsoft New Office App Combines all Necessary Tools in one Place

Microsoft New Office App Combines all Necessary Tools in one Place

It's a single entry point into the Office ecosystem, allowing you to open Word, PowerPoint, or Excel documents straight through the app without having to install each app individually. The new office app combines all the essential office tools. The Office app also makes better use of your phone's talents, with the ability to take a photo of a document and turn it into an editable Word file on the fly, or even do the same with printed-out tables in Excel.

Microsoft has released its all-in-one Office Mobile app for Android and iOS at its Ignite conference today. Middle: Creating documents via the floating action button.

Microsoft also showed off some additional cool features, such as taking a picture of a document and turning it into an editable Word document or a table into an editable Excel spreadsheet. In Word, for example, the app defaults to a mobile layout, but you can still use print layout if you'd like, and all the controls from each app's ribbon toolbar have been converted to a menu that slides up from the bottom of the screen, ideal for one-handed use.

Left: Office Mobile default "Home" screen.

In addition to creating or editing Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from the Android smartphone. Microsoft wants the app to be the mobile center for accessing documents on the go. And this includes documents you have stored in the cloud, and even those across your organization if using a work account.

Sign PDFs using your finger. PDFs don't offer too many view options, and although notes sync with the "Sticky Notes" application on Windows, neither has very advanced options for things like checklists.

Easily transfer files between your phone and computer or share instantly with nearby mobile devices.

In the new app - which is available now as a public preview on Android or as a beta through Apple's iOS' Test Flight program - you'll be able to create new documents, presentations or spreadsheets as well as edit and view existing documents. The inbuilt capability to scan QR codes for opening files and links quickly is another striking feature.

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