Published: Tue, November 05, 2019
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Trump says Ukraine whistleblower 'must' testify

Trump says Ukraine whistleblower 'must' testify

Schiff has also barred Republicans from hearings. "We will ensure timely answers".

It was the first time he appealed directly for the whistleblower to come forward. She said she was aware of an interest by the Trump lawyer and his associates in investigating Biden and Burisma "with a view to finding things that could be possibly damaging to a presidential run", as well as investigating the 2016 election and theories that it was Ukraine, and not Russian Federation, that interfered. "Written answers not acceptable!" In a process scrambled so far by misleading Trump tweets and relying in part on anonymous witnesses, the testimony of Taylor, a Vietnam veteran respected in both parties with 50 years of public service behind him, landed as a potential game-changer.

Biden, who is running for president, past year said that while still in office in 2016 he threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid from Ukraine unless then-President Petro Poroshenko ousted Viktor Shokin, a prosecutor who was probing Ukraine-based energy company Burisma. Republicans still complained that the inquiry is illegitimate.

Rep. Jim Jordan, the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, said in a statement Sunday evening that written answers would not be "sufficient".

Nunes' office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

"The Whistleblower got it sooo wrong that HE must come forward", Trump said in a Sunday morning Twitter post. Inside, Democrats and Republicans are waging a pitched battle over what to make of Trump's efforts to get Ukraine's leaders to investigate political rival Joe Biden, Biden's son and Democratic activities in the 2016 election.

Democrats are heading into a crucial phase of their impeachment inquiry as they move toward public impeachment hearings this month.

The Democrats plan to seek testimony from former presidential advisor John Bolton, who was dismissed in September. Despite the rejection of this proposal by House Republicans and a select few moderate Democrats, those who proposed the rules suspected that there would still be enough votes for the rules to pass- they suspected right. You know who it is.

House Foreign Affairs committee chairman Eliot Engel laid out the theory of the case - and a challenge to Republicans who want to shield Trump, in a television appearance on Sunday.

And CNN is reporting that four White House officials will not be testifying on Monday, one will not because of executive privilege and the others would not be there because they can not have a White House lawyer with them.

The Associated Press typically does not reveal the identity of whistleblowers.

Since the whistleblower's complaint was filed, the whistleblower and the person's legal team have received death threats, according to Zaid.

Trump's demand, in a tweet, comes amid an intensifying effort by Republican lawmakers to expose the whistleblower and attack his or her credibility. The inspector general nevertheless found the whistleblower's complaint to be "credible".

Trump also continued his questioning of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying she had "lost her mind" over the impeachment inquiry. Last week, a sharply divided House voted on a resolution to authorize how the inquiry will proceed.

In October, Republicans on committees leading the impeachment inquiry sent a letter to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff demanding he bring the whistleblower in to testify publicly.

"I think you're going to see all of the transcripts that are going to be released probably within the next five days", Speier told CBS's "Face the Nation".

"Let me be absolutely clear: Our willingness to cooperate has not changed", tweeted Andrew P. Bakaj, another attorney representing the whistleblower.

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