Published: Wed, November 06, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

The first Red Dead Redemption 2 mods are already available

The first Red Dead Redemption 2 mods are already available

According to a large portion of players across the web, Red Dead Redemption 2's PC port is having a ton of critical issues, from crashes to poor performance.

"Updating Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC is much more than simply porting operation". If you want to play RDR 2 at launch, you'll want a PS4 or Xbox One and be prepared to pay Rs. 4,000 (or $60 in the US) for the privilege as well. In thisRed Dead Redemption 2 PC Vulkan vs. DirectX 12 guide, we'll go over the basics of this choice and what users have reportedly experienced as a fix for frame rate drops.

That's because while the Rootin Cowboy Shootin adventure is launching today at 1pm GMT on Epic Games Store, the Rockstar Launcher and other digital platforms, the biggest is missing.

As I write this, Red Dead Redemption 2 is still a few hours away from its release on PC, but that apparently hasn't stopped a group of modders from getting their hands on it.

Ray tracing - in case you haven't read all about it last month - is a lifelike way of rendering light and shadows in a game. You may be wondering what kind of things Rockstar Games has been fixing and tweaking for its open-world cowboy and criminal caper.

And this will mean both buying a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 and paying a monthly subscription at the same time. Although quite long, the story kept me engaged, but the entire time I was pushing the Van der Linde gang's interests forward, I was dying to head out fishing or hunting, just to be in the environments and explore without a destination.

While the original Red Dead Redemption never made its way over to PC, Rockstar's lengthy prequel, Red Dead Redemption 2, has made the jump today. He is known for his guide writing and, unsettlingly enough, enjoys grinding out in-depth collectible articles.

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