Published: Thu, November 07, 2019
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Democratic wins and what they mean for Trump: key election takeaways

Democratic wins and what they mean for Trump: key election takeaways

Indeed one silver lining in the Trump era is that it has energized voters across the country. He won the state by 9 percentage points four years ago, and the state's economy has performed well under Bevin and Trump, who won the state by 30 points.

Another Cameron ad claimed that Stumbo wanted to make Kentucky a sanctuary state because he once supported undocumented immigrants being eligible to receive provisional driver's licenses, which he said would subject the state to the import of "Mexican meth".

The loss for Bevin, who was unpopular during his tenure, came after President Trump joined the incumbent at a campaign rally on Monday to support his reelection.

Republicans held off a competitive challenge to maintain control of the governor's mansion in MS, a sign of the party's enduring strength in the deep south. Tate Reeves, the Republican lieutenant governor, defeated Jim Hood, the state's Democratic attorney general, in the race to succeed Phil Bryant, who is term-limited. He was ahead by five points before you went to Kentucky.

While it is certainly a bad sign for an incumbent Repubclian governor to lose a major election in a state that is usually a stronghold for the party, Beshear's apparent victory does not necessarily suggest vulnerability for Republicans in the state, who picked up statewide offices in other down ballot races. It has voted Democrat in every presidential election since 2008 and pollsters expect the Virginia to continue the trend for 2020. With control of the state legislature, Democrats have vowed to advance gun control legislation and healthcare reforms.

Off-year state elections in the USA can be a mixed bag or harbingers of things to come.

Yet Richard Simmons, 63, a butcher from Glen Allen, Virginia, was just as staunchly in the GOP camp, saying he voted for GayDonna Vandergriff in a state House race.

In a Newsmax article, John Gizzi said that Hicks ran on a platform calling for limited government and stronger restrictions on abortion - issues that undoubtedly appeal more to Republicans than Democrats.

A staunch Trump support, Simmons called the impeachment investigation unfounded.

Some analysts said candidates who forge their own identities while not repudiating Trump - a tricky balance - are in the best position to win in swing states, where a big rally by the president may not matter as much. "And I trust the guy". "A final outcome remains to be seen".

Most Kentucky Republican candidates were victorious on Tuesday, including thoe running for secretary of state, attorney general, auditor, treasurer and agriculture commissioner.

Not one GOP House member voted last week for a Democratic resolution to start the public phase of the process, and Republican senators, who will serve as jurors in a potential trial, have mostly shrugged off mounting evidence that Trump froze $400 million in military aid to Ukraine in an effort to pressure its president to investigate Democrats, including potential 2020 rival Joe Biden.

We hope that Matt Bevin honors the results of the recanvass, which will show he received fewer votes than Andy Beshear.

Outside of Kentucky and Virginia, Republicans actually had an alright evening.

In Mississippi, Republicans have dominated state politics for two decades.

They showed up, especially in Kentucky, in higher-than-usual numbers, while voters in rural areas didn't.

Trump hailed the MS results, claiming that his support was key.

Elsewhere, voters in the West were deciding several ballot measures, with residents of Tucson, Arizona, appearing to overwhelmingly reject a proposal to designate it as Arizona's only sanctuary city.

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