Published: Thu, November 07, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Johnson goes on attack in election speech after high-profile Tory gaffes

Johnson goes on attack in election speech after high-profile Tory gaffes

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed Wednesday to get Brexit done by January and compared his Labour Party rival Jeremy Corbyn to Joseph Stalin in a strident launch to a tough pre-Christmas election campaign.

Meanwhile on Sunday, Farage said he would not run for a seat in parliament in the UK's snap election on December 12, and would instead focus on campaigning against Johnson's European Union divorce deal.

Mr Trump on Thursday told friend Nigel Farage - whose Brexit Party will be up against Johnson in the December 12 election - that "under certain aspects of the deal - you can't do it, you can't trade".

Boris Johnson sought to turn around his scandal-hit election campaign on Wednesday as he gave his first major speech, attacking Jeremy Corbyn for planning tax rises to fund "deranged" nationalisation and Nigel Farage for thriving on Brexit not happening.

Taking aim at Labour's election promises Mr Johnson will say: "Meanwhile the alternative is clear - Jeremy Corbyn and his two favourite advisers, dither and delay, turning 2020 into the year of two miserable referendums, one on the European Union, and another on Scotland".

He also said Corbyn wanted to have totally unlimited immigration even though the party has not unveiled its policy in this area yet and wanted to "expropriate" the assets of schools, referring to a motion at party conference that called for the assets of private schools to be redistributed.

Ian Blackford, the SNP leader in the Commons, said his party would need a "cast-iron guarantee" that the prime minister would not try to bring back his Brexit deal to Parliament.

Just before Mr Johnson's speech, Cabinet minister Alun Cairns quit his role as Welsh Secretary amid claims he lied about his knowledge of a former aide allegedly sabotaging a rape trial in April 2018.

Farage, who is leader of the Brexit Party, explained that he did not want to focus on campaigning for a single parliamentary constituency.

In a resignation letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Cairns said he would cooperate fully with an investigation "and I am confident I will be cleared of any breach or wrong doing".

He said another referendum meant "more acrimony and division in our country, when this country is aching to move on".

With the Tories relying on Brexit supporters to gain a majority on December 12, a strong showing by Mr Farage's party threatens to split the leave vote and open the door for the Labour party.

Corbyn, whose party is trailing the Conservatives in opinion polls, hopes to turn the debate from whether Brexit should happen to what kind of country Britain will be, regardless of how it resolves its relationship with the EU.

Sky News presenter Kay Burley "empty chaired" James Cleverly after claiming the Conservative Party chairman missed a planned appearance on her breakfast show.

Setting the stage for a people-versus-Parliament campaign, Johnson said lawmakers were "refusing time and again to deliver Brexit and honor the result of the referendum". Relatively affluent farmers, known as kulaks, were among the groups targeted.

"At the time, a tweet by Vincent McAviney, a United Kingdom correspondent for Euronews NBC, made the claim: "'I don't know why anyone would want the job' - what Johnson says HM the Queen told him during his audience!

Another prominent Conservative, Jacob Rees-Mogg, apologized on Tuesday after he suggested that victims of the 2017 blaze at London's Grenfell Tower should have used common sense to ignore firefighters' instructions to stay in the burning building.

At the Liberal Democrat campaign launch in London this morning, Jo Swinson "absolutely, categorically" ruled out any vote that would put Corbyn into 10 Downing Street.

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