Published: Fri, November 08, 2019
Sport | By Ruben Hill

Kawhi Leonard 'Not Sufficiently Healthy to Play in Back-to-Back Games'

Kawhi Leonard 'Not Sufficiently Healthy to Play in Back-to-Back Games'

While Clippers are copping plenty of flack for resting their star, the fact that Toronto set the blueprint past year for Leonard, makes it increasingly hard for Doc Rivers and ignore their recipe for success.

Wednesday's game against the Bucks is the first in a back-to-back for the Clippers, who last played on Sunday at home.

In response to the backlash, the Clippers, and the league have come forward to explain the decision. The league ofice, in consultation with the NBA's director of sports medicine, is comfortable with the team medical staff's determination that Leonard is not sufficiently healthy to play in back-to-back games at this time.

ESPN reported that the Clippers don't now have plans to start using Leonard in back-to-back games.

Leonard's inability to play in back-to-back games hasn't held back the Clippers this season. Essentially, determining which applies varies from player to player, as the Bucks secured a win over the Clippers in spite of extremes of performance on the night.

"[But] I'm not going to say I was disappointed". On a normal inbounding play with about 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Bledsoe apparently forgot one of the most basic rules of basketball: You have to pass the ball to a teammate - you can't just dribble the ball in.

The Bucks' point guard will be hearing about that play for quite some time, but he seems to be taking it all in stride. Five Clippers opponents have challenged calls, with only the Utah Jazz successful with an overturn during the fourth quarter on November 3.

"This year I'm feeling good and feeling way better than I was at the start of last season".

Leonard is averaging 29.3 points per game on 47.4 per cent shooting to go along with 7.3 rebounds.

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