Published: Sat, November 09, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Anthropologists unearth remains of mammoths trapped in 15,000-year-old pits

Anthropologists unearth remains of mammoths trapped in 15,000-year-old pits

The recently discovered traps for the giant animals were also the first of its kind and is also an unexpected context of mammoth hunting.

Archeologists in Mexico have uncovered traps containing the remains of at least 14 mammoths.

Furthermore, they imagine they've made the first-ever obtain of a colossal trap region by humans, who would possess inclined it to decide on out the massive herbivores higher than 14,000 years previously, said Mexico's Nationwide Institute of Anthropology and Historical previous (INAH).

Archaeologists unearthed the 5-foot-deep, 82-foot-wide pits in Tultepec, outside of Mexico City - in an area that was going to be used as a dump, according to Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History. The pit appears to have been fashioned in the bottom of a then-receded lake where unnatural 90-degree cuts are still evident, a sharp drop toward which hunters are thought to have driven the beasts.

This differs from anthropologists' previous belief that early humans only killed mammoths that were already wounded or trapped.

"There was little evidence before that hunters attacked mammoths".

Some of the bones showed signs of butchery. Furthermore, to elaborate on the background of the recent finding, the coordinator of Archaeology recalled the exploration three years ago in San Antonia where they found an nearly complete bone of one these mammoths, and it later led to the opening of Museum of Mamut, the same place where the conference was held.

Bones of a particular mammoth were splayed in a thoughtful layout, and scientists noticed a bone had regenerated fractures. Remains of two other species that disappeared in the Americas - a horse and a camel - were also found.

Top Image: The mammoth traps were found in Tultepec, Mexico.

The two pits were found on a site that's earmarked for use as a garbage dump.

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