Published: Mon, November 11, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Bloomberg Files for Alabama Democratic Presidential Primary

Bloomberg Files for Alabama Democratic Presidential Primary

But he began to rethink that decision, in part because he does not believe any of the current candidates are positioned to defeat President Donald Trump.

Bloomberg will also face questions about his record as a three-term mayor of NY, especially from the Democratic Party's outspoken progressive wing, and why he's needed at a race that still contains 17 candidates vying to challenge Republican President Donald Trump at November 2020.

Trump told reporters Friday that Bloomberg might well spend "a lot of money" but "doesn't have the magic to do well".

"There's nobody I'd rather run against than little Michael", Trump said.

But she added: "I'm the one from the midwest who has actually won a state-wide race over and over again". 'Little Michael will fail'.

"I'm looking forward to debating Mayor Bloomberg but not if his whole goal is to say the rest of the field isn't good enough". It's a strategy that acknowledges the limitations of entering the race at this late stage and the opportunities afforded by the billionaire's vast personal wealth.

Ms Warren, who has clashed with Mr Bloomberg over her proposals to tax the super-rich, said his potential run for the Democratic nomination was “another example of the wealthy wanting our government and economy to only work for themselves”.

This isn't the first time that he's eyed a run at the presidency, only to eventually decide against.

CNN reported that the reason Bloomberg is filing in Alabama is strictly because of the state's early filing deadline. But in a statement Thursday, his political adviser Howard Wolfson says Bloomberg is anxious that the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates is "not well positioned" to defeat President Donald Trump.

Mr Bloomberg himself has called prominent Democrats to alert them to his likely run, and his staff is scrambling to meet fast-approaching primary filing deadlines. Bloomberg left a voicemail indicating he plans to run.

Mr Bloomberg, 77, has prepared to enter presidential contests before.

"He's a grenade, chucked right into the Democrat race", Varney said. But I don't think you just waltz in and say instead of well I'm good enough to be president. Tom Steyer has spent millions on advertising in early voting states but is struggling to make an impact in polls. I don't see how he would get the nomination.

Trump pointed out, as a fellow New Yorker, that he's known Bloomberg for years.

In February next year, primaries and caucuses or state-by-state votes, will be held to pick a Democratic presidential nominee.

Unlike Democrats Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who took shots at Bloomberg, Biden took the news in stride.

Mr Biden, campaigning in New Hampshire on Friday, welcomed Mr Bloomberg to the race. "Michael is a solid guy and let's see where it goes".

"I have no problem with him in the race", Biden said. The move comes after days of rumors that Bloomberg would join the field of 16 other Democrats on the Alabama ballot.

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