Published: Sat, November 30, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

Amazon's Alexa Gets 6 New Emotional Intonations

Amazon's Alexa Gets 6 New Emotional Intonations

With Alexa Emotions, Amazon's intelligent assistant can be configured to respond in a "happy/excited" or a "disappointed/empathetic" tone depending on the situation and the type of response required.

You might not realize that most voice assistants make this mistake many times a day. Amazon announced that developers can have Alexa answer questions from USA users with a "happy/excited" or a "disappointed/emphatic" tone. Alexa can now talk with excitement or disappointment depending on the subject matter. "Similarly, you can have Alexa respond in a disappointed/empathetic tone when a customer asks for the sports score and their favorite team has lost".

In a blog, Amazon explained that the new feature uses Neural TTS (Text-to-Speech) technology. Also, as per the early customer feedback, the overall satisfaction with the voice experience increased by 30% when Alexa responded with emotions.

Amazon also said Alexa has been given two additional speaking styles: "News" and "Music", while an Australian news speaking style is also available to Australian Alexa users.

Amazon are first and fundamental offering six fairly about a "emotions", with low, medium and excessive intensity versions of "Mad" and "Dissatisfied".

The new feature, which will be available to Alexa users in 200 locations across West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania and in, has been designed in such a way that it will allow it to directly integrate with both PillPack and Amazon Care, according to Tech Crunch. The online retailer has now added a simple, yet crucial feature to Alexa. This might mean that you'll soon be able to control your Sonos speaker with your voice without sending recordings up to the cloud.

According to the company, speaking styles are created to make the customer experience better.

Starting today Amazon is launching the Alexa pilot program in more than 200 locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia and Indiana.

In assorted words, Alexa can quickly be so pervasive for your condominium, you won't even know which instrument you're talking to.

"We will continue to listen to customers, and I'm sure they'll have more ideas for us" on new privacy features, Limp said.

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