Published: Sat, November 30, 2019
Sport | By Ruben Hill

Donations spike for SFA player after squad's upset of Duke

Donations spike for SFA player after squad's upset of Duke

"The church got hit really hard", he continued. "My family lost a whole lot this year - woo, not going to cry on TV". Bain's family's home was destroyed by Hurricane Dorian. "I just want to make my country proud". "I could feel the dude on my back, and I just prayed it [would] go in".

And what a way to do it. With the game tied at 83 and 14 seconds left in overtime, Duke corralled a rebound after a missed shot from the wing. Hounded by the Lumberjacks' active defense, Jones threw a bounce pass toward the baseline that got broken up, and the ball kicked away from Matthew Hurt in a scramble with around three seconds to go. Among the nearly 400,000 individuals affected by one of the most catastrophic natural disasters recorded in history was the family of SFA men's basketball senior Nate Bain.

The ball fell through the hoop. The Lumberjacks received 85-83.

"Deny the ball, pressure teams, turn them over", Bain said.

"I saw my teammate grab it, and I looked up at the clock". "We had 2.6 seconds". "I don't know if anything matches this, other than winning a national championship", Evansville coach Walter McCarty said afterwards. "I just go as fast as I can to try and lay it up". It's like a layup drill. "We're just blessed to be apart of that process", said Barnwell.

It also brought attention to Bain and his family. The defeat will surely cost the Blue Devils at least a few spots in the poll Monday. There are no NCAA-related issues with the page, his team reports.

There were two sure bets heading into Tuesday night's basketball matchup between perennial powerhouse Duke University and Stephen F. Austin State University.

Yet, they are no Duke.

A thankful Nathan Bain was still in "disbelief" Wednesday - about the contributions more than his clutch basket. Bain called Durham, North Carolina, a basketball mecca in his postgame interview. For the second straight season, they lost at home to an unranked opponent as the No. 1 team, with the Zion Williamson-led squad falling to Syracuse.

The loss for Duke is a significant one being that no team outside of the ACC has beaten the Dukies on their home in 20 years, putting SFA in elite company.

The Lumberjacks were "playing their butts off", the legendary hoops skipper said.

The woman holding her face in her hands resembles someone who's turned up to a bar for a blind date, seen the person they're spending the evening with and instantly regrets every life decision that's led them to that point.

The Lumberjacks' Gavin Kensmil dived for it, wrested control and, from the seat of his trousers, flipped the ball to his teammate Nathan Bain.

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