Published: Sat, November 30, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Hong Kong set for fresh protests as police end university siege

Hong Kong set for fresh protests as police end university siege

It was unclear whether any protesters remained at the university on Friday but police made no arrests since entering the campus on Thursday.

Tensions between the US and China are seeing a new layer emerge.

A demonstrator wrapped in a USA national flag sits with others during the "Thanksgiving Day Assembly for Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act" at Edinburgh Place in Hong Kong on November 28, 2019.

The act will allow the impose sanctions on Hong Kong and Chinese officials responsible for human rights abuses in the restive territory.

Also signed into law was a bill that would prohibit the export of USA control equipment to the Hong Kong police force.

This Friday saw another small demonstration in the centre of Hong Kong, with activists insisting on their list of five key demands. The government of Hong Kong also warned the bills would harm relations between Hong Kong and the United States, calling the bills "unnecessary and unwarranted". "They're wielding [the act] like a club, and they don't seem to understand that the club is basically going to whack the Hongkongers upside the head, and the Beijingers will be dancing in the streets".

"Regardless of a trade deal, which this could hurt, I'm actually surprised the president came to the table, despite the fact you had unanimous approval in the Senate and only one Republican who didn't in the House vote for this", Marshall said.

There was an immediate reaction in Beijing to Trump's signing of the legislation.

Before signing the bills, Trump said he was concerned that trade talks with China might be disrupted.

"The legislation gives encouragement to Hong Kong people and lets them know they are not alone in their quest for freedom and democracy", said Tsai in a media interview after inaugurating a national nature park in Kaohsiung. "The Chinese government and people firmly oppose such stark hegemonic acts", the statement said.

It says: "Hong Kong is part of China but has a largely separate legal and economic system".

Joshua Wong, an activist who went to Washington to lobby for the new US laws, said it was remarkable that human rights had triumphed over crucial US-China trade talks.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry statement, which repeated heated condemnations of the laws signed by Mr Trump, said China planned to react.

China has repeatedly blamed foreign interference from the US and United Kingdom for stoking the anti-government protests.

"If the US takes sanctions against Hong Kong based on those future reviews, China will take countermeasures", he said. First, for the controversial bill to be withdrawn.

The legislation was suspended but protesters are now asking for an investigation into police violence.

"The Chinese government is determined in opposing foreign interference in Hong Kong's affairs", the statement said.

Wong, who was among those who lobbied for the new US laws, told the rally it was remarkable that human rights had triumphed over crucial U.S.

What is the situation in Hong Kong?

"Slow walking it in the last six days and Wednesday night when most of Washington was already tucked into Thanksgiving, announcing he was signing this".

Apart from balking at further trade talks, Beijing's options for retaliation could include refusing to cooperate with Washington in dealings with North Korea and Iran, recalling the Chinese ambassador to the USA or even downgrading diplomatic ties, Shi said.

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