Published: Sun, December 01, 2019
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Hong Kong celebrates Thanksgiving as United States signs Human Rights & Democracy act

Hong Kong celebrates Thanksgiving as United States signs Human Rights & Democracy act

According to the draft agenda of the human rights committee, next Monday, prominent Hong Kong pro-democracy protester Joshua Wong is set to speak in a European Parliament meeting in Brussels, via video link.

But the European Union may need to prepare to take tougher action.

Pro-democracy protesters take part in a Thanksgiving Day rally on Thursday night in Hong Kong to say thank you to Donald Trump.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, the top government spokesman, said at a press conference on Thursday in Tokyo that he does not expect that the US enactment of the Hong Kong human rights law will affect Xi's visit.

More rallies are planned for Sunday, including an anti-tear gas protest and a gratitude march to the US Consulate. Cheng says he agreed to confess to avoid harsher charges.

Police said they lifted their blockade on PolyU after officers cleared the campus.

Violence in Asia's top financial hub has abated since a stunning victory by the pro-democracy camp in November 24 local elections, seen as a sharp rebuke to the city's embattled leader, Carrie Lam.

Hundreds of older activists have joined young protesters for a unity rally at a Hong Kong park, vowing that their months-long movement will not fade away until there is greater democracy in the Chinese territory. It also shows injured people being carried away on stretchers. Protesters disrupted traffic in at least two places but dispersed after police issued warnings.

Protesters this week have urged Britain and other countries to follow U.S. footsteps in legislating laws to support its cause.

Police in Hong Kong (southern China) removed the security cordon surrounding the Polytechnic University on Friday after finding 6,500 lethal devices made by demonstrators who occupied the site for almost two weeks.

During an official visit to Thailand, Carrie Lam said Hong Kong's fundamentals, including its "one country, two systems" framework, remain strong despite the unrest.

"I came out for the peaceful protest in June when there was more than 1 million people, but the Government did not listen to our demands", said a 71-year-old woman in Hong Kong's Central district, who only gave her name as Ponn.

While Trump faced down Democrats in Washington, he also clashed with Chinese officials over what the administration called unfair trade practices. No protesters were found inside.

They were the holdouts from perhaps 1,100 people who had retreated inside after the battles with police. Police said it was alarming that such unsafe explosives were found with young students.

Demonstrators are angered by what they see as Chinese interference in freedoms promised when Britain returned Hong Kong to Beijing in 1997.

Another 567 people were arrested in the vicinity of the university, police said.

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