Published: Mon, December 02, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Loud bang that woke London was sonic boom caused by fighter jets

Loud bang that woke London was sonic boom caused by fighter jets

I just woke up with what looked like an explosion in the distance and made North London tremble, "a Twitter user wrote".

"We are now receiving a large number of calls from all over Hertfordshire regarding a big explosion sound", Herts Fire Control said before confirming that it was a sound boom.

The noise was accompanied by reports of people feeling their houses and beds "shake", with some locals also taking to social media to share home security footage that appeared to capture the sound. There is no cause for concern, " the company tweeted on Sunday morning.

One of those that heard it was Graham Kirk, who tweeted: "Heard the sound of an explosion at 4.20 here in East Finchley reported widely across London possily [sic] a sonic jet boom???"

The sonic boom was heard across areas of London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

"There are no reports of an explosion and police are looking into the incident".

Shortly after 4am, the Metropolitan Police received reports of the "loud bang" and tweeted there are no reports of an explosion.

The mountainous bang that sounded admire an explosion and shook properties across London was as soon as a sonic increase precipitated by RAF planes, police absorb confirmed.

"Typhoon aircraft from RAF Coningsby were scrambled this morning, as part of the UK's Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) procedures, after an aircraft lost communications in United Kingdom airspace", the spokeswoman said, according to the BBC.

Image of two Typhoon FGR4 aircraft, flown by 29 (R) Squadron from RAF Coningsby.

After communications with the aircraft were restored, the flight continued as planned toward the U.S. and the fighter jets returned to their base.

A sonic boom is caused when aircraft break the speed of sound. "The Typhoons are returning to their base".

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