Published: Sat, January 11, 2020
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Jillian Michaels faces online firestorm after saying Lizzo's body shouldn't be celebrated

Jillian Michaels faces online firestorm after saying Lizzo's body shouldn't be celebrated

Fitness expert Jillian Michaels has defended herself after sparking a huge backlash from Lizzo's fans when she criticized the Truth Hurts singer's curvy physique in an interview.

Michaels attempted to double down on what she said in the BuzzFeed News interview by posting a followup tweet.

Berg implored seeing plus-size celebrities gaining profile these days and how an increasing amount of people are supporting body-positivity, such as Lizzo.

"Why are we celebrating her body?" she mused. Why does it matter?' the fitness pro, 45, said. "My kid loves her music", she said.

She then pivoted to talking about Lizzo's weight and how she feels it's endangering her health. "Love her music", she told the host.

Michaels added, "I'm just being honest".

The singer confessed in her October Girls In Music topic profile with Elle - printed on September 5 - that she "didn't love who I was".

It's far from the first time Lizzo's weight has been the subject of criticism.

"Jillian Michaels hates her own body and is anxious that if other people hate their bodies less, they'll stop buying [what] she peddles".

'As I've stated repeatedly, we are all lovely, worthy and equally deserving, ' Jillian wrote. I moreover actually really feel strongly that we love ourselves adequate to acknowledge that there are extreme healthful penalties that embody weight issues - coronary coronary heart sickness, diabetes, most cancers to name only a few. "But there is never a moment where I am like, 'I'm so glad she's overweight.' Why do I even care?" On top of that, as a prolific performer, Lizzo often engages in extensive cardio during her shows, seamlessly going from twerking to playing the flute while belting fast-paced pop songs-and never missing a beat.

However, some insist that since her story of overcoming obesity at a young age is well known to the public, that Michaels' comments aren't surprising as she's made a career off fat-shaming different individuals as her spitefulness might be rooted in self-hate, according to Complex. "Why is This woman acting like she's an MRI? But now I've gotten to a point where I'm not just dealing with Internet bullies, I'm dealing with seeing a lot of negativity on the Internet dealing with everyone". I have done nothing wrong.

'I had to restrain myself from defending Lizzo's honour'. The remark came after Lizzo's name was mentioned during a discussion about self-acceptance. "I deserve to be happy".

It's no secret that Lizzo is a very confident person as much as she is outspoken. "Unfortunately, many of these people die from diabetes and heart disease".

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