Published: Sun, January 12, 2020
Tech | By Anita Cain

The PS5 still has big surprises to come, makes fun of Sony

The PS5 still has big surprises to come, makes fun of Sony

The black bars suggest a return to a more classic approach, à la the old PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 2 boxes (though this one resembles the PS3 game boxes more due to the black outer edges).

Ryan shared the following slide with the audience at CES, which lists the major PS5 feature that Sony has revealed in the past few months, and majority are massive upgrades for the console.

Sony is yet to reveal the "bigger differences" that will separate PlayStation 5 from the previous console generation.

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Rogers will be under the direct management of PlayStation CEO and President Jim Ryan, and is expected to be a key player in the role of sales strategies and services like PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, and further PS subscription services.

Sony has repeatedly teased fans about its upcoming next-gen gaming console, the PlayStation 5. We've already revealed that memory storage will utilize SSDs this time. "We haven't announced [bigger differences] yet". The industry giants will no doubt be vying for customer attention with their respective tales of processor power, controller adjustments, storage space, load times, compatibility options and, of course, the ever-elusive question of shelf price. The CEO cited improvements previously announced, from its 3D audio, haptic feedback in the controllers and the solid state drive.

Ryan added that playing a racing game like Gran Turismo Sport with a PlayStation 5 controller is a "completely different experience".

There have been a lot of rumors about Playstation 5 after the chief architect of Sony Next confirmed that the company is working on the next generation of Playstation 4.

"I was able to experience a good run with my existing controller, but if I experience the fine road surface with haptic control and the control with adaptive trigger, I cannot return to the original", he explained. There was reasonable ground for that decision, but these days I do not think that was a good idea. Well, on the one hand, we are waiting to see what the PlayStation 5 will really look like. "It was a decision made after many debates, but perhaps there were other choices".

Ryan did not offer up any specifics, so we are left to wonder and speculate what additional features and capabilities the PS5 might bring to the table.

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