Published: Mon, January 13, 2020
Medical | By Mark Scott

WI child dies of flu; hundreds hospitalized in state

WI child dies of flu; hundreds hospitalized in state

The most recent report from the department on Monday says Douglas County has had 3,758 lab-confirmed flu cases this flu season.

A Wisconsin child has died from the flu, according to the state Department of Health Services.

The season started in October and runs through May.

"In Canada we've had several back-to-back seasons of moderate to severe epidemics for the past few years", she said.

The highest influenza activity was reported in 33 states, including much of the south and west of the country, as well as in NY and Washington, D.C.

Across the country, the CDC estimates there have been at least 9.7 million flu illnesses, 87,000 hospitalizations and 4,800 deaths from flu this season.

Skowronski says what's unusual so far this season is that influenza B - a strain that tends to be milder than Type A - is circulating more widely.

"In addition to getting vaccinated, other things we can do to protect ourselves from the flu include proper hand hygiene and wiping down frequently touched hard surfaces like TV remotes, phones, toys, door knobs, light switches toilet handles, with disinfectant wipes", Richards said.

"We've got a kind of smorgasbord of the respiratory viruses out there now", said Skowronski.

"It's certainly time to be aware of the flu", he said.

She says there are some symptoms like coughs or fever that need to be taken seriously if it becomes worse.

Haupt stressed to reporters Friday that the best way to prevent the flu from spreading is to get vaccinated. We attribute up to 50,000 deaths a year to influenza in the USA, so it's not 'just the flu.' It really is a serious illness, and it causes complications particularly in those who are elderly, are very young, or have other medical conditions.

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