Published: Thu, January 16, 2020
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

House committee threatens subpoena if Pompeo will not provide Iran information

House committee threatens subpoena if Pompeo will not provide Iran information

Chicago-based activist Hoda Katebi said the surveillance machinery of the USA had been activated to "other" Iranians as it had done with so many minorities.

"Yes the assassination of Suleimani is shocking because in the past, he was spotted by the US forces in Iraq, but they did not dare to target him due to the belief that Iran will set the entire a fire". But the government's obfuscation has angered many Iranians.

Trump has defended the targeted killing of the Iranian general, saying he posed an imminent threat to the USA because he was plotting attacks on us embassies.

The US president said in a tweet he agreed with Johnson on the need for a "Trump deal".

Donald Trump said Friday that there were "probably four" US embassies in the crosshairs of the attack, which was being orchestrated by Soleimani.

What's next: The Iraqi parliament passed a nonbinding resolution calling on the roughly 6,000 United States troops - and all other foreign troops - to leave the country earlier this month after the Soleimani assassination.

Those fears, the officials said, led them to view the broader matrix of threats from Iran and its proxies with greater severity, an assessment compounded by the swiftness with which the Iranian proxy in Iraq, Kata'ib Hezbollah, helped organize the siege of the U.S. Embassy after the December 29 U.S. strike against the group believed responsible for killing a U.S. contractor on December 27.

Kasravi said that her biggest concern was that while "military action might have been avoided, none of the issues that led to this situation have been addressed". The US and Donald Trump is no exception. However, it is clear that one of the results of the killing is that now events in Iran are now drawing attention away from impeachment, even as just new revelations from Tuesday indicate that Rudy Giuliani, Lev Parnas and other friends of the administration were up to more trouble than initially thought in Ukraine.

"What the president said was that there probably could be additional attacks against embassies".

Pompeo also pointed to increased US naval exercises in the South China Sea in response to China's militarization of disputed islands and Trump's imposition of tariffs on Chinese imports as aspects of the administration's deterrence strategy.

Biden said he acknowledged years ago that it was a "mistake to go to war", but he largely declined to clash with Sanders over Iraq.

Speaking at a security conference in the Indian capital of New Delhi on Wednesday, Zarif said people across the globe took to the streets to mourn Gen. Soleimani's martyrdom. "The US hit two bases in Iraq to carry out operations in Iraq against an Iraqi guest". However, during nationwide protests in Iraq triggered by Iraq's faltering economy, the protests turned into anti-Tehran demonstrations calling for the end of Iran's role in Iraqi politics.

"When we would ask them, 'What was the nature of that attack?"

For Shahshahani and Katebi, the hard task of defending Iranian Americans from daily prejudice continues.

"The importance of deterrence isn't confined to Iran", Pompeo said. Trump had decided against military retaliation to those attacks, which damaged equipment but did not result in loss of life, but USA officials anxious that Iran might confuse its restraint with weakness.

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