Published: Sat, January 25, 2020
Tech | By Anita Cain

Microsoft Surface Duo UI demoed in hands-on emulator video

Microsoft Surface Duo UI demoed in hands-on emulator video

As such we were intrigued to see a developer preview of Windows 10X land online earlier this week, which showcases some of the features that the new operating system has to offer on dual-screened devices in particular. Zac Bowden of Windows Central played with the animations for the Android Surface Duo, while designer Jonas Daehnert rendered the clip on a device.

Why do we need an SDK?

One of the big warnings that Microsoft declares in the post is that devs should avoid putting important objects on the gap between both screens - which it calls the 'seam'.

As per a recent report from The Verge, apps developed using the preview SDK will allow users to span them across both displays when they're in double-portrait or double-landscape mode. Windows 10X has to account for both.

What do our readers think of the work so far? As such Microsoft is trying to leverage off of the advantages that two screens represents.

Next is Master-detail, which is like a split-view interface which presents a list view on one side (the "master" side) and a focus view (the "detail" side) for what you've selected on the former display. There is also documentation for developers, examples and practical tips for "embracing experiences with two screens".

Dual view is targeted at creative professional apps, and presents similar content on each side. Once an application is introduced, the applications right away move onto the contrary display screen so you have actually constantly obtained accessibility to open up extra.

Now that programmers can begin structure Android applications that are enhanced for both display screens, it will certainly be interested to see simply the number of truly benefit from having an additional display. Or and there and will be there to show one and the same instrument.

Microsoft is also giving developers access to an Android Emulator with a preview of a Surface Duo image. Documents published by Microsoft reveal how to develop Surface Duo applications with a design.

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