Published: Wed, January 29, 2020
Culture | By Margie Dunn

'It's going to be harmful': Republicans weaponize Trump team attacks on Biden

'It's going to be harmful': Republicans weaponize Trump team attacks on Biden

Despite divisions over the preferred outcome, 66 percent of Americans overall say the Senate should call new witnesses to testify at the impeachment trial, a question that has been fiercely fought among senators.

During an appearance on Fox Business' "Lou Dobbs Tonight", Grisham railed against Bolton after the Times' report on his unpublished manuscript revealed that he had privately spoken with Attorney General Bill Barr about his concerns that President Donald Trump was doing personal favors for the presidents of China and Turkey.

On Sunday, the New York Times published leaks from former national security adviser John Bolton's upcoming book about his time in the Trump White House that have likely made the "get over it" strategy even more central to Trump's defense.

The House did ask Bolton to testify on November 7. It's time that senators of conscience be willing to put the Constitution over their allegiance to a corrupt president and demand that Bolton be heard.

Trump has shown a preference for authoritarian leaders over Washington's traditional Western allies, a situation underscored by his warm welcomes for Erdogan and Egypt's Abdel Fattah al-Sisi at the White House.

It is Bolton bluntly confirming what is essentially the crux of the impeachment case against the president: that Trump used the power of his office to withhold vital military aid - aid directed by Congress - from a desperate ally, and meant to keep the aid withheld until the Ukraine president did him a personal political favour that would help Trump's re-election. "It's no surprise that such a thing is anathema to President Trump", Bates said in a statement.

Democrats need to convince at least four Republicans to defect from their party's leadership in order to support a subpoena of Bolton, a threshold that Sen.

To date Republicans have managed to write the impeachment off as deranged Trump syndrome on behalf of bitter Democrats who are furious he won in 2016.

The Democratic-led House of Representatives impeached Trump last month, setting up the trial in the Senate on whether he should be removed from office. Philbin spoke about the obstruction of Congress article, arguing the House managers "are saying for the president to defend the prerogatives his office, to defend constitutionally grounded principles of executive branch privileges or immunities, is an impeachable offense".

The goal of the almost $400 million in U.S. military aid, as the Democratic House impeachment managers repeatedly declared last week, was to enable Ukraine to fight Russian-backed forces on its eastern border, so "we don't have to fight Russia here", in the streets of America.

Starr lamented that the Senate was being called "all too frequently" to try impeachments.

White House lawyers have already turned down requests from Democratic lawmakers for Mr Bolton and other witnesses to testify. And it has raised questions about whether White House counsel Patrick Cipollone and his deputies Patrick Philbin and Michael Purpura knew the details of Bolton's allegations before they mounted their defense of Trump's conduct.

What's especially absurd is that some Republicans now contend that the House should have called Bolton if they wanted his testimony to be included in the impeachment trial. He has said he is prepared to testify before the Senate.

"Unless there's a witness who's going to change the outcome, I can't imagine why we'd want to stretch this out for weeks and months", Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt, a member of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's leadership team, said. "The Room Where It Happened; A White House Memoir" is to be released March 17. "This is all a game, even if they bring me up", he told reporters. This is all - the reason he's being impeached is because he tried to get a government to smear me and they wouldn't.

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