Published: Sat, February 01, 2020
Tech | By Anita Cain

News of Bolton book sends jolt through impeachment trial

News of Bolton book sends jolt through impeachment trial

"Under federal law and the nondisclosure agreements your client signed as a condition for gaining access to classified information, the manuscript may not be published or otherwise disclosed without the deletion of this classified information".

Also on Wednesday, CNN reported, citing sources, that the White House issued a letter to Bolton trying to block the publication of his forthcoming book.

The White House has requested that Bolton remove material it considers classified, the person said. AFP Republicans hold a 53 to 47 seat edge in the Senate and four Republicans would need to side with the Democrats to compel Bolton to appear.

Trump and his supporters have pummeled Bolton in the media.

But national security experts believe the threat is aimed at silencing Bolton and making sure he does not testify in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump or the book being release before the trial is over.

President Trump on Friday denied he ever told former national security adviser John Bolton to pave the way for Rudy Giuliani to meet with Ukraine's president.

According to The Times, Trump asked Bolton during a meeting in May - shortly after Zelensky was elected - to call Zelensky to ensure he would meet with Rudy Giuliani, Trump's personal lawyer. It's wonderful the frequency with which people allegedly "beg" him: perusing the Trump Twitter Archive, the Republican has claimed that Mitt Romney begged him for a cabinet post, Omarosa Manigault begged him for a job, so did Steve Bannon, Bob Corker begged him for an endorsement, as did John McCain.

Instead, Bolton raised alarms to multiple national security officials, they testified - and instructed them to contact White House lawyers about conduct they considered improper.

"The problem with John is it's a national security problem", Trump told reporters in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday.

The witness swaps seem likely to fail as most Republican senators do not want to call Mr Bolton and most Democrats would rather avoid dragging the Bidens further into the impeachment proceedings. "But given that Ambassador Bolton could be called to testify as early as next week, it is imperative that we have the results of your review of that chapter as soon as possible", Cooper wrote, before asking the official to detail what portions of the manuscript was deemed classified information.

Bolton wrote that Trump told him in August he wanted to keep aid to Ukraine frozen until it helped in probes into former Vice President Joe Biden, the leading Democrat seeking his party's nomination in November's presidential polls. It also explains why other Republicans are turning to a legal theory well outside the norm put forward by the Trump team, claiming that the abuse of power, which the House believes is not an impenetrable offense.

The trial, which began in earnest seven days ago, turns now to senators submitting written questions to the prosecution and defense through presiding Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts over Wednesday and Thursday. Engel said Bolton suggested to him in a September 23 phone call that the panel should look into Trump's removal last May of Marie Yovanovitch as American ambassador to Ukraine, a pivotal event in the Ukraine matter.

The manuscript is said to contain an account of the president directly telling Mr Bolton him that he would withhold U.S. military aid to Ukraine to pressure Ukraine to help him win the 2020 United States election.

The difficulty that the Trump team has had in wrestling with the facts that reinforce the Democrats' case may be the reason why many Republicans unite around an acquittal that claims that the President did nothing wrong in his Ukrainian bet.

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