Published: Sat, February 01, 2020
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Twitter Reacts To Elon Musk’s First EDM Song: Is It A Hit?

Twitter Reacts To Elon Musk’s First EDM Song: Is It A Hit?

Announcing the new track on Twitter, Musk shared photos of himself in a recording studio and revealed that he both wrote the lyrics and performed the vocals.

'Just wrote a song called "Don't doubt yer vibe",' the entrepreneur wrote on Twitter. He even changed his Twitter name to "E "D" M" - a combination of his initials and the electronic music genre, EDM.

Listen to the first EDM track from Elon Musk, "Don't Doubt ur Vibe", below.

"Elon with the slapper", one user tweeted. Within the first 12 hours of its release, the track had received almost 1 million plays on Soundcloud.

Musk is best known as the chief executive of Tesla, whose market value recently topped $100 billion, triggering a payout plan that gives him shares worth $346 million.

Thanks to Elon Musk you'll be grooving your way into the weekend.

Amber Osborne said: "If you play it backwards you can hear a recipe for lentil soup".

Unlike his 2019 rap song "RIP Harambe", the new tune - launched on SoundCloud around 11 p.m.

Ahead of the song's release, Musk teased his followers on Twitter with tidbits of information.

The lyrics to "RIP Harambe" include the following lines: "RIP Harambe / Sipping on some Bombay / We on our way to Heaven / Amen, Amen". Upon listening to it you'll gather the lyrics aren't intensely profound, but the beat is fun to move to. Nonetheless, Musk said that Tesla hasn't updated the EPA with current range estimates, which may already be in the 380s for the Model S.

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