Published: Sun, February 02, 2020
Tech | By Anita Cain

Roku and Fox Resolve Distribution Standoff in Time For Super Bowl

Roku and Fox Resolve Distribution Standoff in Time For Super Bowl

While we work to continue our relationship with Roku, we are happy to keep our apps available to you, and we regret Roku has chosen to threaten your access exclusively to improve its own business interests.

Roku also revealed that they've been in continuous talks with Fox Corporations and that "the company offered Fox an extension to their previous agreement while they worked out a new deal but that Fox turned it down". (FOX) will no longer be available on the platform after Friday, January 31, 2020 - two days before Super Bowl LIV.

Roku's response reminds customers that they can watch FOX content, including Super Bowl LIV on other apps, including fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV, many of which offer free trials for new customers, and the Xfinity and Spectum apps for Comcast and Spectrum subscribers. "Our distribution contract with FOX Corp is set to expire on January 31, so FOX channels were removed from the Roku Channel Store".

On Friday, Roku had claimed its digital video platform could not stream apps without a deal in place. Again, only Roku can remove apps from your device, so please let Roku know on social media to keep your FOX apps! "If an agreement is not reached, we will be forced to remove Fox channels from the Roku platform because we can't distribute content without an agreement".

Roku, for its part, said, "We are delighted that we reached an agreement with Fox to distribute Fox channels on the Roku platform". "Roku's threat to delete Fox apps from its customers' devices is a naked effort to use its customers as pawns", a Fox spokesperson said late Thursday.

The game will stream free on the National Football League app on Roku unless FOX blocks your ability to stream it.

As of November 2019, Roku said it had 30.5 million active accounts.

Fox has deemed the removal of its channels from Roku a "poorly timed negotiations play". However, increasing competition in the streaming space saw an end-of-year pullback.

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