Published: Mon, February 03, 2020
Tech | By Anita Cain

Nintendo Switch Pro: No One Expected This

Nintendo Switch Pro: No One Expected This

Animal Crossing fans have received some good news and bad news ahead of the New Horizons release date on Nintendo Switch.

The first new Animal Crossing game on consoles in several years is nearly here, and Nintendo is rolling out a special edition of its Switch to mark the occasion.

The retail giant is slashing $70 off the new look Nintendo Switch, reducing the price from $469 down to a much more modest $399.

It's also worth noting that 5.19 million of those Switch sales come from the Nintendo Switch Lite - impressive, for a console that had only been on the market for a little over three months!

Screengrab via Nintendo
Screengrab via Nintendo

Rumors began with a report from DigiTimes that claimed Nintendo's new console would have new chips made in China and would be faster than its current Switch iteration. Even if you're on the fence about getting one, it could be worth throwing down a preorder, just in case.

The rumours started circulating shortly after the company had released two new versions of the Nintendo Switch past year. The game isn't launching until March 20, so you will have an extra week to find another $60 to buy it with. With your preorder for this limited edition console secured, you can rest assured knowing you'll have the ideal machine on which to start giving Tom Nook your bells. It's covered in pastel colors, with two-toned Joy-Cons and a white dock that has some of the game's characters painted on it.

The console will be available in a bundle with a download code for the game, and judging by the reception it's had so far you can expect it to sell out quickly; it'll cost $299.99 or £329.99.

The site confirms that while the game supports shared play, only one island will be allowed on a single console. The system is also set to become a kind of proving ground for developers just entering the gaming industry.

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