Published: Wed, February 05, 2020
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China slams United States for 'spreading fear' of coronavirus

China slams United States for 'spreading fear' of coronavirus

China earlier on Tuesday said the death toll from the outbreak has risen to 425 and that more than 20,000 people have been infected by the virus to date.

The coronavirus claimed its first victim outside of China this past weekend, as a 44-year-old man in the Philippines died from the virus that recently originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Tian Yulong of the industry ministry said earlier Monday that authorities were taking steps to bring in masks from Europe, Japan and the United States, adding that supply and demand in China remained in "tight equilibrium" as factories returned to production after the Lunar New Year lull.

The number of deaths in China has now passed the total Chinese toll from the 2002-03 SARS outbreak, another virus that emerged from China and killed nearly 800 people around the world.

The U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar has declared a public health emergency and a temporary travel ban.

The hospital called Huoshenshan, or "fire-god mountain", will have 1,000 beds.

It is spreading between people and has been seen in many of China's neighbouring countries, as well as further afield.

These include Guangdong - China's most populous province - plus Sichuan, Jiangxi, Liaoning and the city of Nanjing, with a combined population of more than 300 million. On Saturday it followed the USA in barring entry to all foreign nationals travelling from mainland China. The U.S. said on February 2 that Americans who had traveled in China within the last 14 days would be routed to designated airports for enhanced health screenings and most non-Americans who recently were in China would be denied entry.

In a statement released Monday, Hua Chunying said the U.S.

"The U.S. government hasn't provided any substantial assistance to us, but it was the first to evacuate personnel from its consulate in Wuhan, the first to suggest partial withdrawal of its embassy staff, and the first to impose a comprehensive travel ban on Chinese travelers". All Hubei schools are postponing the start of the new semester until further notice.

There have been more than 17,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and around 360 deaths, mostly in China.

A number of those under observation recently returned from China aboard two specially-equipped Air India flights sent to the country evacuate Indian citizens, many of them students studying overseas.

"I wish we were informed as soon as they found out, then I could have worn a mask or washed hands more carefully", the passenger said.

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