Published: Sat, February 08, 2020
Tech | By Anita Cain

An app's failure leaves Iowa's Democratic caucus in disarray

An app's failure leaves Iowa's Democratic caucus in disarray

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On the Iowa results, which had not yet come in beyond a relatively small percentage of precincts amid technical difficulties, Warren said only, "It is too close to call", though someone in the crowd shouted, "You won!"

"We are validating every piece of data we have against our paper trail". In 2012, Mitt Romney was declared the victor of the caucuses only for the party to say two weeks later that Rick Santorum had actually won.

The first vote of the USA election season, Iowa's caucuses kick off the Democratic primary that will determine who challenges Mr Donald Trump in November.

Sitting President Donald Trump won the Republican caucuses, in which participants cast a vote to indicate their support, in a largely symbolic vote as he was facing no significant challenge. He later tweet about the "Big WIN" in Iowa.

According to the Associated Press, a new mobile app is being blamed for the delay.Glitches with the mobile app caused confusion and left the caucus results unknown.

The bottom line: Iowa may have presented what software developers call an "edge case" - one that pushed Iowa's candidate selection process way over the edge.

When the app didn't work as intended, the back-up process couldn't cope with the flood of results coming in.

They feared that unofficial results could be inaccurate if hackers or other problems taint the data. And when will we know something?

They're announcing that now.

Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who spoke last, just went ahead and declared victory.

Biden, the national frontrunner, was in fourth spot, at 15.08%, a disappointing showing for the candidate who has consistently claimed he is the person best positioned to take on and defeat Trump.

Former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign was the first to call out the Iowa Democratic Party for its incompetence in handling the high-profile election, as well as the integrity of the results themselves.

The campaign also demanded that the party provide information about the "methods of quality control" they employed, and an opportunity for the candidates to respond, before the results are released.

"By all indications, we are going on to New Hampshire victorious", said Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. "Because tonight, an improbable hope became an undeniable reality".

"I imagine, have a strong feeling, that at some point the results will be announced and when those results are announced I have a good feeling that we are going to be doing very, very well in Iowa", said Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to his supporters.

"When will the Democrats start blaming RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, instead of their own incompetence for the voting disaster that just happened in the Great State of Iowa?"

"Even in a crowded field of candidates, even during the well-earned impeachment hearing of Donald J. Trump, which had me bolted to my Senate desk for the last two weeks, we kept fighting", she said.

Iowa Democratic officials said results are still being collected.

Several of the candidates, including Biden, Klobuchar and Warren, headed to New Hampshire immediately after the caucuses.

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