Published: Tue, February 11, 2020
Tech | By Anita Cain

Samsung unveils new foldable phone in Oscars ad

Samsung unveils new foldable phone in Oscars ad

Per ZDNet sister site CNET, Samsung's short Academy Award ad showed the Galaxy Z Flip in action, taking a photo, and then being used to make a video call.

Unlike some foreign news reports that said Samsung sold over 1 million units of the first foldable device a year ago, it has only sold around 500,000 units, according to its key executive. The phone is visible for approximately 10 seconds in the 2-minute and 20-second video and the rest is simply odd.

As Patel points out, a disclaimer in the ad says that the crease in the centre of the display is "a natural characteristic of the screen".

Samsung will finally unveil the Galaxy S20 phones in about 24 hours at its Galaxy Unpacked event. Google Duo has been prominently highlighted in the clip.

The Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung's second foldable, is likely to be less expensive than the $2,000 Galaxy Fold. The small screen on the front can be seen providing information about an incoming call.

Also unclear is where the Thom Browne edition of the Galaxy Z Flip will be available.

Along with a standard S20 there could also be two other devices joining the range including a Galaxy S20 Plus and Ultimate S20 Ultra.

In a now-deleted press release, Samsung revealed the new smart speaker will cost $83 (about £140) and will be equipped with its digital assistant Bixby.

With the Galaxy Home Mini, Samsung will likely bypass the original Galaxy Home, which was mocked for its weird, cauldron-shaped design with tripod legs.

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