Published: Wed, February 12, 2020
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Klobuchar hopes for 'Klomentum' as New Hampshire votes

Klobuchar hopes for 'Klomentum' as New Hampshire votes

She stated she thought Mr. Biden's sensed firewall SC would hold irrespective of the New Hampshire primary outcomes, pointing into his profound connections with black Democrats there.

Alyssa McKeon and her family moved to Hopkinton in 2018 from Salem, Massachusetts.

By night's end, New Hampshire could begin culling the Democrats' unwieldy 2020 class, which still features almost a dozen candidates battling for the chance to take on President Donald Trump in this fall's general election.

Pete Buttigieg kicked off his final campaign rally ahead of the New Hampshire primary by attacking President Donald Trump, but it did not take long before he brought up Sen.

At a packed Exeter town hall on Monday night, Klobuchar trumpeted her rising poll numbers and the $3 million she has raised online since Friday's debate. The senator believes she's surging "because the people of New Hampshire watched that debate". "Bernie! Bernie!" rockers The Strokes launched into a loud performance beginning with the Talking Heads classic "Burning Down the House". Sanders still holds, Clinton replied: "Yes, it does".

Ocasio-Cortez was cheered as she explained what "forward" meant.

"Oh, no, no we are not going to do that here!". Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. As Biden's campaign continues to flounder, moderate Democrats are searching for a candidate they can throw their support behind and that person might just be the senator from Minnesota.

Speaking about candidates in the Democratic primary field, President Trump said: "I hear a lot of Republicans tomorrow will vote for the weakest candidate possible of the Democrats, does that make sense?"

In voicing enthusiasm for the senator, Lucas said he was particularly attracted to Sanders' platform.

"Let's say Sanders is our nominee, I'm gonna' vote for him", he told MSNBC, but in the next breath he said, "You know what's gonna change?"

Elsewhere on Sunday, Buttigieg told a crowd that Sanders' universal health-coverage plan was too expensive and that the party needs to "do something" about the federal deficit even though the subject is "not fashionable in progressive circles".

"If Joe Biden wins the primary, he can beat Trump in a general election", a Biden campaign email said in November. "If the DNC goes back on this, you can expect the Sanders people to be very upset and they're not going to take this lightly", said Matt Dickinson, a political scientist at Middlebury College. Sanders edged out Buttigieg in the last round of polling for New Hampshire after a tough fight in Iowa. Sen.

Sanders did well in the Hawkeye State, but was edged out - barely - in the delegate count by former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Judging from social media, Carville speaks for many Democrats who fear the party will be heading off on a road to nowhere if it chooses Sanders as its nominee.

But whether Biden can keep that support is an open question.

The last five New Hampshire state surveys also showed Sanders in the lead.

Sanders is expected to do well Tuesday in New Hampshire thanks to being a next-door-neighbor, and because of past precedent.

Proposing a new approach to foreign policy that focuses on saving the planet, the senator told a crowd of nearly 2,000 supporters that had packed a sports arena in Keene Sunday night, "Maybe, just maybe, instead of spending $1.8 trillion a year collectively on weapons of destruction created to kill each other, maybe we pool our resources and fight our common enemy, which is climate change".

Tuesday's primary, the second in a state-by-state nominating contest, will test the staying power of Massachusetts Sen.

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