Published: Thu, February 13, 2020
Sport | By Ruben Hill

XFL Week 1 Games Final Ratings Exceed Average NBA Ratings

XFL Week 1 Games Final Ratings Exceed Average NBA Ratings

The opening weekend of the revamped XFL is now history, and the final ratings for the four games are in.

Dallas Renegades versus the St Louis Battle Hawks was a barn burner with St Louis winning 15-9. Ticket sales and more show how interested football fans are in the XFL.

Seattle trailed the Defenders by 12 in the fourth quarter of Saturday's game, and had the Dragons scored one more touchdown, Zorn confirmed he would have wanted his team to go for three. The cornerback covering Smallwood slipped, so it would've been an easy catch but with the quarterback putting a little too much air on the ball, Brown was able to get there to make the highlight play.

We went 2-2 with our selections from Week 1, we spent 2-0 on Saturday and we were wrong in both games on Sunday. Fans are already excited for next week and in all honesty, so are we.

The system could incentivize teams to gamble for the highest reward, but not in Week 1. On Sunday, underdogs barked back, with the New York Guardians winning outright as 3.5-point underdogs against the Tampa Bay Vipers.

Even better, the audience numbers peaked - 4 million - at the end of the game. Some think Spring football doesn't work but the XFL is trying to feed you a different narrative and so far, it's working.

The NBA all-star break will aid McMahon and Luck's cause in Week 2, but they'll need better quarterback play and increased scoring from some of the league's teams going forward if the XFL is to have any lasting power.

The Renegades started the season as the XFL favorites, in large part because of quarterback Landry Jones and former Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops.

The D.C. Defenders game took place in the MLS stadium for D.C. United.

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