Published: Fri, February 14, 2020
Medical | By Mark Scott

The CDC confirms the 13th case of coronavirus in the USA. UU

The CDC confirms the 13th case of coronavirus in the USA. UU

A second individual with a validated case of coronavirus, or COVID-19, is being dealt with at UC San Diego Medical Center, a Centers for Disease Control and also Prevention speaker statedWednesday It's the second validated case in the county given that the fatal episode started. The hospital released her at CDC's direction after being told that everyone quarantined had shown negative results, when, in fact, her sample was excluded from the rest of the batch.

According to CDC, the patient was aboard a flight from Wuhan, China that arrived at MCAS Miramar last week. "The first and second patients arrived on different planes and were housed in separate facilities; there are no epidemiologic links between them" according to a CDC statement.

He noted that the CDC does not "have as much information as we would like about the severity of the virus", and noted that there are many cases in China with serious reactions, while the 13 cases in the United States represent a much milder the virus so far.

The CDC said anyone who has been in the Hubei Province in Central China over the last two weeks, is considered to be "at high risk" of exposure and must submit to a 14-day quarantine.

Periodic delivery of protective equipment to every area, such as masks and sanitizing alcohol to get in-room disinfection.

The CDC did not immediately comment on the new case, which would be the 13th in the United States after a patient was confirmed in Wisconsin last Wednesday.

Officials have added additional quality control protocols to the testing process as a result of the mixup.

The CDC has been leading the U.S.'s medical response to the disease as part of a task force Trump established to combat the spread of coronavirus within the country.

Rear Admiral Nancy Knight, who is running the quarantine operation, said base personnel had been refused housing in the local community due to fears they would spread coronavirus and their children had suffered discrimination at school.

The evacuee was returned to the hospital on Monday after testing positive for the virus. Any time a person tests positive for a communicable disease such as novel coronavirus, public health departments work to interview anyone they came in contact with isolating those who might have become infected.

Errors by a hospital in San Diego and the CDC led to the first patient being sent back to base instead of isolation at the hospital, according to a health official familiar with the situation.

Since American airports began screening for the virus, the CDC says 30,000 passengers from China have been screened and they're seeing increasingly fewer passengers.

The outbreak of the new virus is centered so far in China.

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